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A Tree is Judged by its Fruit.

Stronger the Foundation Higher The Growth.


S'even Billion People

every single person born into this world is special, we need the world to be a better place. If We stand together, every problem would turn into an opportunity, every misery into happiness - We put "YOU" The People First

We do not just think different, rather we do different! it's too late to just think different now.

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A company where we put you first.

At dewSprout, our employees, discover, invent, craft and create new things each day. We carefully attend to every minute detail and we bring everything into ideal perfection.

Our motivation "do different" drives us to create, build and make things better for the people around the world. This buring desire inspires us to jump out of bed each day and guides every aspect of what we do.

...our seven verticals, based on the foundation of seven beliefs makes us who we are and what we do. We research and develop things that matters most to the world, to the people. We do things that makes the way of life free and easy.

Values and ethics are at the heart of what we do. It is built into our core foundation, each and every move we make, every decision we take is derived from the hunger and thirst for a better world.

Daily Life
Knowledge & Research
Freedom To Explore
Techonology Meets dew
S'EVEN Verticals

dewSprout consolidates all technologies and inventions into seven Departments: Health, Security, Transportation, Energy, Education, Cybernetics, and HAAI.

The breakthroughs in these verticals are empowering the humanity for a Better World

S'EVEN Beliefs

The seven d!D promises are built into our foundation for we are different, The way of life is free and Beautifull! - The Good Earth Is Rich to Provide For All.

d!D - different I Do
If you do, do it In Love

Perfection Of Oneness

The most of all Is 'Love'. 'Universal Brotherhood' - our greatest dream of 196 countries holding their hands together in Oneness, Love, and Peace.

We will work hard for this great dream
Universal Brotherhood

We believe in F L Y

We believe in F L Y


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difference In different

We want to empower you with great courage and love
to raise humanity and bring about a big difference

❝ You Need Power, Only When you Want to do Something Harmful,
Otherwise Love is Enough to Get Everything Done

~ Charlie Chaplin

When you put your trust IN





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Being Yourself ∞

a famous story,
"The hare and the tortoise"
but interepted wrong

When people ask you
we are here to ask you

Your future is created by what you DO TODAY not  TOMORROW 

   As you are trying to reach us , we too are trying to reach you

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; They listen with the intent to reply
Stephen R. Covey

Thanking you & Wish you all the very best!

..We believe in you

the Only Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'

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